The Decline of Play and the Rise of Sensory Issues

The Wall Street Journal is running a story connecting the decline of play with the rise of sensory issues. You’re probably familiar with kids who have sensory issues, even if those issues haven’t been identified. It’s a growing problem that is difficult to identify/diagnose, even for experienced teachers. Children with sensory issues are often labelled as troublemakers or defiant or overly sensitive, so instead of getting the treatment they need, they get discipline.

Product Review: Night Zookeeper

Over the last year, a new web platform called Night Zookeeper has helped over 100,000 students develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills. Night Zookeeper team’s World Creative Writing Month initiative generated over 1 million words of original content written by kids in 131 countries. Developed by former school teacher Paul Hutson, along with his close friend Josh Davidson, the…

Games with a Mission: Improving the Lives of People with Autism

People with autism often have amazing capabilities.  Whereas autism is traditionally thought of as a “disorder,” individuals with this condition frequently exhibit advanced brain functions such as better memory, higher math skills, and enhanced sensory perception. However, they also exhibit impairments which make life difficult.  With the most recent version of the psychiatric Diagnostic and…


Many mathematical and problem-solving skills go hand-in-hand with card playing. Arlene Harris talks to the experts about Snap, Gin Rummy and some other old favorites. Click here to read more!

Newsletter: A Summer of Games

Summer is here. Time to play! With summer here, it’s time to get down to some serious fun. This month’s issue features three reviews of products that are both fun and educational, as well as a look at play in Colonial Williamsburg. We hope you enjoy it! Feature Articles Educational Games: a Historical Perspective by Lindsay…