Game Review: Riddle Cube

Do you remember Tangrams, where you made shapes out of other shapes? I used to love that game. My fifth grade science teacher always kept a set in her classroom, and my friends and I were constantly challenging each other. Riddle Cube is kind of like a 3-D version of that, taken to the next level. Instead of having…

Benefits of Toddler Play

ThinkFun posted an article in their Education Blog about the Benefits of Toddler Play, including a cool little chart showing their “Top 10 Benefits of Play, Toddler Edition.” Check it out at:

The Decline of Play and the Rise of Sensory Issues

The Wall Street Journal is running a story connecting the decline of play with the rise of sensory issues. You’re probably familiar with kids who have sensory issues, even if those issues haven’t been identified. It’s a growing problem that is difficult to identify/diagnose, even for experienced teachers. Children with sensory issues are often labelled as troublemakers or defiant or overly sensitive, so instead of getting the treatment they need, they get discipline.

Product Review: Night Zookeeper

Over the last year, a new web platform called Night Zookeeper has helped over 100,000 students develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills. Night Zookeeper team’s World Creative Writing Month initiative generated over 1 million words of original content written by kids in 131 countries. Developed by former school teacher Paul Hutson, along with his close friend Josh Davidson, the…