STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and the idea is to integrate these disciplines because they are so closely intertwined. Instead of having classes that are isolated from each other, lessons are taught that complement each other. Engineering problems show up in math lessons, for example. STEM toys, as you might imagine, are growing…

Laddering up with play

Which comes first, interest or expertise? Is a Scrabble player good at spelling because she plays Scrabble, or is she good at playing Scrabble because she’s good at spelling? The truth is it doesn’t matter. There’s crazy power in the relationship between interest and expertise, and it’s time we started taking advantage of it.


Businesses in Scandinavia are turning to board games to give themselves a competitive advantage. Click here to read more!


The secret to peace in the cafeteria?

According to Global Toy News, it’s Board Games

Why Play?

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” ― Jean Piaget

At a recent toy show in Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet with many educators to discuss games and play in general. What was exciting to hear was that a local school district had recently removed an hour of computers and replaced the time slot with PLAY. Why has play become such a hot topic? Does play offer our children something they can only gain from experiential play? The importance of play in children’s lives is well documented. As children grow and change, play develops with them according to a developmental sequence.