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Giles Pritchard signed on as a columnist after our first issue. Here’s what Giles had to say for himself…

Hi, my name is Giles Pritchard. I am a teacher and love all sorts of board and card games. This year I am teaching a grade 3-4 class at St George’s Primary School. I’m an Aussie, and if you’re a gamer there are a few other places around the net you can find me.

My user name is caradoc over at the board game geek website.  I keep a blog which you can find at and I also contribute to two game podcasts, The Dice Tower, and On Board Games where I talk about games in education.

As a teacher I am passionate about using games in my school and games in my class, I use games to reinforce important skills, but also as a way of scaffolding social interaction and as a way for kids to practice and implement important social skills including social problem solving.

I grew up playing miniatures wargames, but also dabbled in roleplaying, more recently I have fallen in love with the new generation of board and card games coming from great publishers like Rio Grande, Z-Man and Fantasy Flight to name a few.

I hope you enjoy my contributions, if you ever have any questions or criticisms, feel free to drop me a line!

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