June, 2014 Newsletter: Preparing for Summer

Whether you’re already prepared for summer or not, this newsletter has something for you: games for old and young, tips, a review, even a discussion of how to make games fun for pre-elementary kids.

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Feature Articles

Preparing for Summer

by Patrick Matthews
If you had one piece of advice to give to help someone get ready for the summer, what would it be? Bet you can’t guess what mine is.
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Game Review: Quadrillion

by Kim Vandenbroucke
This summer, how about ditching the math worksheets and lessons and turning to something that’s a whole lot more fun? If that sounds good to you, Kim may have the answer.
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Build Social & Emotional Skills

by June Matthews
As a teacher and social skills trainer, June has used a lot of games over the years. She writes us this month with specific instructions and suggestions for how you can strengthen your young child’s social and emotional skills.
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Around the Web

Teaching STEM Through Games

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM skills are skills that are needed in those four disciplines. Here are a collection of games that can help you strengthen those skills.
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Develop Critical Thinking Skills Before College

Looking to develop critical thinking skills? This article gives you five tools to help.
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The Most Important Skills

Richard Gottlieb takes a look at a recent article by psychologist Peter Gray, and writes about a crisis in play. Fascinating stuff.
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We’re always on the lookout for good stories, whether they’re game reviews, or ways teachers or parents can use games, or even discussions of the educational benefits of games.

If there’s something specific you’d like us to write about, let us know! This newsletter is all for you, after all. Why not let us know what you are interested in?

Preparing for Summer

This month’s issue is all about getting ready for the summer.

We start out with my one piece of advice for preparing for summer, then move on to an exciting brainteaser that Kim has discovered.

June wraps things up with a teacher’s perspective of how to use games to help pre-elementary school children.



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