March Newsletter: Math!

It’s March Math-ness! With all the NCAA brackets tumbling around us, we thought we’d take a look at math this month, and see how games can help. Enjoy!

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Feature Articles

The Mathematics of Army Men

by Patrick Matthews
Little green army men. They’ve been played with so much over the years that they’ve become a part of our culture, appearing in films and videos and news stories, with no explanation needed. Did you know they can also help with math?
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Do Games Affect Memory?

by Reisa Schwartzman
This article is not about memory games. It’s about how playing games together (pretty much any kind of game) can have a positive effect on a person’s memory. And guess what? The more fun you have, the more you benefit.
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Game Review: Robbin’ Eggs

by Kim Vandenbroucke
Who knew adding negatives could be so much fun? This month, Kim takes a look at a game that combines both memory and math skills in a fun and engaging way.
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Around the Web

Kid Inventors

Looking for something to celebrate? Check out these amazing kid inventors and the games they’ve made.
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Learning from Legos

Like the army men, it turns out that Legos have a ton of educational value.
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Can a game help with taking tests?

Forbes is running an article about ten games that they say help improve test-taking skills.
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March Mathness

With all the NCAA brackets tumbling around us, we thought we’d take a look at math this month, and see how games can help.



Have you seen the Games in Libraries and Schools podcast? This month, it featured three episodes on games of physical dexterity.

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