June 2013 Newsletter: It’s your turn!

Okay parents, now that school is out, it’s your turn. Don’t worry. There are plenty of lessons to be learned outside of the classroom!


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Feature Articles

Keep the Brains Buzzing!

by Reisa Schwartzman
Looking for some great ways to both spend time together and keep the kids’ brains from turning to mush?
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Game Review: Chain Letters

by Kim Vandenbroucke
Kim introduces us to a new word game by Patch that sounds like it would fit equally at home or in the classroom.
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Design a Mindset

by Patrick Matthews
How about mixing a some life skills into your summertime? Here’s a fun and easy way to get the kids thinking less about themselves, and more about other people.
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Around the Web

Checkers’ Life Lessons

If you had asked me to pick a game to learn life lessons from, Checkers probably wouldn’t have been my first choice. After reading this, however, it’s definitely in my top five.
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The Math of Monopoly

Is there math in Monopoly? After reading this article, that question may change to “is there anything else?”
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A new use for old games

How about reusing your boardgames to help teach your kids? This article has the full scoop, including specific examples.
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We’re always on the lookout for good stories, whether they’re game reviews, or ways teachers or parents can use games, or even discussions of the educational benefits of games.

If there’s something specific you’d like us to write about, let us know! This newsletter is all for you, after all. Why not let us know what you are interested in?


Okay parents, now that school is out, it’s your turn. There are plenty of lessons to be learned outside of the classroom.

This month, we’re all about fun that also educational.

Whether you’re looking for ways to keep brains buzzing, or for a fun new word game, or to strengthen vital life skills, we’ve got you covered.



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