Life is Collecting Moments

Life is about collecting moments.  As we go through our journey of life, we fill our memories with experiences.  It’s not the everyday that we remember but the moments that build lasting impressions.  Bringing the family together to laugh, play and share are key elements in creating those very special opportunities.  Make a moment worth sharing.{jcomments on}

How do you create a Collective memory for your family?  How do you bring your family together?  How do we encourage more ‘we-time’?

Collective memory refers to the shared pool of information held in the memories of two or more members of a group, a family.  There’s almost nothing more rewarding in life than close relationships, be it with a spouse or loved one, friends, children, or our families. The most cherished and satisfying relationships all have in common are lasting memories.

Memories, especially joyful ones, fortify relationships and increase their endurance, especially through difficult times. But how do we go about intentionally making them happen? What are the things that we remember most?

A vacation or another big life event might but these don’t occur very often. There are manageable things we can that can deepen bonds, increase mutual joy and connections, and raise the odds that we’ll havemore memorable times to look back on in the future.

Experience New Things Together

When we experience something new, our senses are heightened, our adrenaline is active and our awareness is keen. Scientifically, all those biological factors actually work to sear memories deep into our subconscious, and make them easier to recall.

Create Together

Creating can be as simple as making a snowman, building a tent with your kids, or even trying a new recipe together. The bonds that are built around creative activities are special as it involves being open, imagination, and cooperation. When you create together, do it in a spirit of fun, and of play

Be Active Together.

Much of what we do for pleasure with family is passive such as watching television, going to the movies, or out to eat. These pursuits are relaxing and pleasurable, yet because they’re passive; they don’t really strengthen our connections or create occasions that are memorable. Make it a point to experience things that require active involvement. Games, hikes, outdoor activities, or sports are all easy to do.

Include Others When You Spend Time Together

Including others brings freshness to regular activities but also widens our perceptions of each other. The more personalities in a place, the more unexpected results, become the stuff of some of our funniest memories. Make it a point to do something of this sort once a month, can enliven relationships and solidify the ties that bind us.

Learn Together

We tend to learn on our own,  or in class, often with people we don’t know. But learning together with family is actually quite fun, broadens horizons, and serves to enrich our relationships. Learn things that are new to everyone, so no one is really “the teacher”.

Share in Joy and Celebrations

Make time to acknowledge joyful moments and celebrate successes and triumphs, no matter how small, be it your own or someone else’s. Joy is contagious.

Make Room for Spontaneity

Next time you’re inclined to pass on an invitation to do something because it’s not your thing, it’s too different, just say “yes”. The most wonderful, unexpected surprises often take place when we let go and let spontaneity reign supreme for awhile. When we allow spontaneity in our lives, we’re embracing living, we’re fully present, and we learn more about each other, and quite often about ourselves, in the process.

Interesting enough, playing board games with your family encompasses all these attributes!  Sitting around a table with a new game allows you to experience new things together, learn together, and be spontaneous.  Playing any game gives us the ability to share with friends and other family members, share in joy together and create those precious moments we can fill our memory with.

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