Organizing a Game Day

I would like to share with you how I organize a Game Day at my school. I love planning my annual Game Day, because it is an activity that involves all the grade levels and promotes interaction among them. I begin by giving each of my students a game to take home. I instruct them that they have one month to learn the intricate strategies of playing and winning. I refer to them as “Game Masters,” and stress that I am entrusting them with an important role, as when Game Day arrives, it will be them, not me, who teaches and plays with visiting children to our room. About a week before the scheduled event, my students make a poster which advertises the key elements of their assigned game, such as the title, the object, how many players are required, and the targeted age level. They also design a “Closed” and “Open” sign.

I organize the schedule into half- hour blocks of time and allow teachers to sign up for what may fit with their day. Since we then know what class will be visiting at the appropriate time, we are able to open and close the games that will fit with the age level of our visiting students. As a class walks into the room, my students who have a open game lead one or two to their spot. You may wonder what the children with closed games do. They simply join in with one of their classmates.

On Game Day, all students are able to interact. All students use critical and strategic thinking skills in a fun learning environment. I urge you to give it a try. You will be pleased with the outcome.

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