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Featured Columns

Board Games are Elementary
by Brian Mayer
Brian Mayer spends a lot of time with games. He aligns games with curriculum, introduces games to classrooms and libraries, and maintains a game library for his school system. This article is his discussion of what games he chose for his Day of Games. Put another way, if you’re looking for a game, look here.
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The Stealth War
by Graeme Thomson
Graeme’s been busy the past few months, showing games and chatting with customers. Along the way, he had an epiphany. I’d tell you what it was, but he does it so much better…
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Game Reviews

by Karen Luciana
I’ll give you a hint on this one. Some of Karen’s students actually stayed in from recess to play the game. Now that’s a review!
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Great Stories from the Web

Math and Boardgames
Stephen Currie has a great article about how different math skills can be strengthened by board games. What’s particularly fun is that he doesn’t focus on “educational” games, but rather on the educational benefits of all games.
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Driving Games
Looking for some ideas for a road trip this summer? This article by Fox has some great “starter” ideas.
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Special Announcement

The Chicago Toy & Game Fair brings together imagination, play and inventive thinking in their third annual Young Inventor Challenge. Open to anyone less than 19 years old, contestants have their original game (and toy) inventions judged by popular vote at the fair.

Not only are there great prizes to be won, but top toy and game industry representatives will provide advice and recognition and encourage the young inventors to dream big and discover the possibilities of play!
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With summer vacation in full swing now, we’ve got a real treat for you: a game edition of the newsletter!

Check out this month’s articles for loads of great games that you can play now – and then bring to your classroom when school starts back up.



In case you haven’t heard, we host a fantastic podcast called Teaching Strategies.

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Chicago Toy and Game Fair

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