Game Design Contest

Here’s one for anyone who ever designed a game. The folks over at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair are hosting a game design contest with Rio Grande games. Sound interesting? How about free admission to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and a chance to spend 30 quality minutes pitching your game to Rio Grande?

Trust me when I say that this is a ridiculously huge opportunity. If you’ve ever wanted to be a game designer, or even if you just have one game you’d like to have published, take advantage of it.

The contest is based on regions. To find the one nearest you, e-mail Nate (if you’re in Orlando, drop me a line). Each region will select one finalist. No, it’s not a popularity contest. The regions will be holding their own judging events to select their favorite game.

Each finalist will receive free admission to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and a 30 minute time slot with Jay Tummelson to present and discuss his or her prototype. Travel and expenses are not provided. Prototypes cannot be submitted by proxy or by absentee with written/video/voice description; the designer must be present to explain their designs.

What Kind of Games?
As with any business, the game business is all about knowing your customers. If you’re designing a game for Rio Grande, you want to make a broadly accessible game, one that people can play easily without fumbling over a lot of rules. It doesn’t have to be a “euro” or “german” game, but keep the rules easy to understand, the set-up short, and drop any objectionable content.

These are just my suggestions, based on what Rio Grande typically publishes. Since each region is judging its own people, get in contact with your region for more specifics about what they’re looking for.

By the way, Nate has a Q&A about the contest over on Boardgame geek. Click here to see it.

Good luck!

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