Newsletter: Summer is almost here!

School is drawing to a close…

But that doesn’t mean the education stops! Parents are educators, too, and summer is the perfect chance to find out just how much your kids can learn while having fun. Thanks for all you do as educators and parents, and thanks for caring enough to bring fun into your students’ lives!

Feature Articles

A Golden Age for Educational Games
by Bill Ritchie

Bill Ritchie, president and co-founder of ThinkFun, gives us a fascinating look at what’s happening in the world of educational games. Are we at the start of a golden age? If anyone is in a position to know, it’s Bill.

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Computer Games in Early Education
by Catherine C. Swanwick, Ph.D.

Every parent has heard the same advice at least a dozen times: limit your kids’ screen time. Is there value in computer games for young children? Could they have a place in a well-rounded educational environment?
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Welcome to our newest columnist!

You may have noticed that Games for Educators has been going through something of a face-lift these past few months. The site is faster, easier to navigate, and now works great on phones. Our stories are including more pictures, and sometimes even embedded videos. Now, we’re adding a new columnist: Catherine C. Swanwick.
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Around the Web

The Power to Change our World View?

Can games go beyond being fun and educational? Can they affect social change, help people modify their own world view? Here are some articles that argue they can:

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The Games for Educators site is in the middle of a major overhaul. Some features (like the GameFinder) are still being worked on. Please stay with us while we improve the site for you!

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If there’s something specific you’d like us to write about, let us know! This newsletter is all for you, after all. Why not let us know what you are interested in?


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