Young Inventor Challenge Winners

CHICAGO, IL (December 10, 2008) – Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C. has announced that the official winners of the Young Inventor Challenge (YIC) were the following students:  Joe Basile for his “King of Kingdom” game invention in the Senior Category (ages 12-18); and Hannah Allen and Ella Lambert for The “Lemonade Stand Game” in the Junior Category (ages 6-12).  The YIC, conducted at the recent Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG), enabled students to enter original toy and game inventions, win prizes and  meet professional inventors and top industry representatives.  Lund sponsored the YIC this year, and has participated in the Toy and Game Fair for the past several years.

“This program offered an amazing opportunity for young people to showcase their toy and game inventions and get their names out there in front of professional inventors and other key industry reps,” commented Bruce Lund, founder of Lund and Company Invention.  “We saw some great concepts this year and were impressed with the creativity and ingenuity of the kids.”

Among the prizes awarded to both winners in this year’s contest were a subscription to Inventor’s Digest, a box of games and inventor book from ChiTAG, and lunch with sponsors Bruce Lund, Mike Hirtle, Head of Global Product Acquisition and Inventor Relations at Hasbro, and Chip Voigt, CEO of Fundex Games.  Two major game manufacturers have expressed interest in exploring the King of Kingdom game for possible retail development.

“I came up with this game a while back, but wasn’t sure how to get it front of serious game manufacturers who might recognize its potential,” commented King of Kingdoms inventor Joe Basile.  “The Young Inventor Challenge was the perfect venue – I got to meet with professional inventors and top executives in the toy and game industry – and I even have a shot at getting my game licensed!”

The YIC senior category winner was a challenging card and board game that involved players striving to have their king be the last survivor as kings and courtiers shuffle in and out of the dungeon and occasionally on to the chopping block!  Players of the Lemonade stand board game advanced by collecting ingredients for lemonade and cookies to sell at a lemonade stand.  All of the entrants in the YIC were required to fill out a detailed entry form, build a prototype and prepare a marketing campaign to display at ChiTAG, which took place over the weekend of November 21-23 at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Winners were chosen by popular vote by attendees over the course of the two-day toy fair.  The young inventors displayed their toy and game inventions in a special section of the fair, and answered questions for anyone who approached their display, in the hopes that they would vote for their game.  Each entrant was allowed to give a presentation describing their invention to event sponsors and industry reps, who were also casting ballets.

“This forum is great because it encourages kids to go through the actual process that professional inventors and designers go through every day to create and develop original toys and games:  brainstorming, building and engineering prototypes, testing, and pitching their concepts to ‘clients’ ” commented Lund.  “We hope more kids get involved next year – and you just never know, some of these inventions might turn out to be the next big thing!”

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