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Seeing is as Important as Reading
by Reisa Schwartzman

Have you heard of sight words? They’re a key part of learning to read. Reisa takes a look both at their importance in education, and how you can use games to help empower your students to master them. She includes specific examples of both free and commercial games.
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Using Games for STEM Education
by Catherine C. Swanwick, Ph.D.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The idea is to integrate the teaching of these disciplines. It’s a rapidly growing trend, and Catherine Swanwick (who has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience) takes a look at how Games can be used in STEM Education.
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Homemade ‘Look and Find’ Games
by Rosshalde Pak

Building memory is something that we all need to do, whether we’re 4 years old or 94. Rosshalde gives us solid, implementable strategies for making games to help.
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We’re not the only ones interested in using Toys for STEM! Here are some lists of STEM toys.
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10 Games that help boost memory

Looking to buy games instead of using the strategies that Rosshalde wrote about? This article has ten recommendations for you. Well, actually it has eleven.
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Teaching the world through board games

Here’s a great story about a teacher who started using board games in his class, and then became a published game designer.
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Issue #74:
Spring has Sprung!

After an extended absence caused by technical problems, the newsletter is finally back.

For us, it is very much like spring: a new beginning after a difficult season.

Celebrate with us by checking out our fantastic articles.

Thanks for all you do as educators and parents, and thanks for caring enough to bring fun into your students’ lives!


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