Bio: Nate Scheidler

NateNate Scheidler is the organizer of the Chicago Boardgames Meetup and Chicago Boardgame Designers Meetup. He is dedicated to promoting gaming throughout the Chicagoland area, and re-introducing people to boardgames. He is a great believer in use of games in the ongoing human development, and the application of games to structure thought processes.

Nate came to be extensively involved in boardgaming as a means of establishing social ties after moving to Chicago. The early boardgame meetups numbered fewer than 10 people in a cafe. The boardgames meetup presently numbers 700 members and growing, with events being held around the city and a goal of topping 2009 members in 2009. The designer’s meetup is a mix of sandbox and symposium, concentrating heavily on topics in mechanics, theory and industry. Students take note: the designer’s meetup has homework assignments too.

Nate is presently working to connect meetup groups nationwide to share ideas and further develop organized play, and promoting games to other meetups as a means of socializing with new members and introducing activity into groups that may not have an active component.

Nate has travelled the world and worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, universities and government institutions as a video collaboration engineer, which has provided him with a strong background in business process and the role of communications in it. He has an overarching goal of promoting games and simulations in the workplace as a means of developing management practices and a medium of discourse.

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