Win $100 of Games!

Out of the Box is giving $100 worth of games to whoever posts the best story about using games in education! Their first contest resulted in truly inspirational stories.  The new contest deadline is 5/1/2009. What are you waiting for? Go Post!

Do you have a great story about using a game for education? Tell us about it in the forums. The best story (as picked by us on 5/1/2009) will win $100 worth of Out of the Box games! It’s that easy. Just go to the “Your Story” category in our forums (which are right here), click “New Thread” and post your story. Not only will you be getting the chance to win $100 worth of great games, but you’ll also be sharing your story with thousands of other educators, librarians, and parents.

Prize photo

What are the prizes, you ask?

Well, there are so many, we couldn’t fit them all in this picture…

Here’s the complete list of what you win:

Backseat Drawing
10 Days in USA
10 Days in Europe
My Word

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