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Holiday Mashup Contest: Win a Free Game!

by Ruth Green-Synowic

What do G.I. Joe and broccoli have in common? Before your mind jumps to the conclusion that this crunchy green vegetable and heroic action figure are just a random, haphazard pairing of things, stop and take a closer look.  You’ll start to discover similarities between the two that you hadn’t thought of: they both wear green; their heads look similar – at least the flocked hair version of Joe does; and, they both ‘stalk’. Even seemingly nonsensical things have the potential to appear reasonable under the right lens.{jcomments on}

New Podcast Launched!

Hey everyone, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of a new podcast hosted by Giles Pritchard and Donald Dennis! It’s called Games in Schools and Libraries, and it’s all about, well, using games in libraries and schools. You can find it on the Multimedia menu above, or just by clicking here. Enjoy!{jcomments on}

News From the Editor

We’ve just finished a major overhaul of the web site. It wasn’t just about making the site easier to use and navigate, but also about building for the future. For example, the Game Finder now allows you to format the game listings. Speaking of which, did you know that we now have over 380 games…