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Retailer Reviews

One of the most common requests I get here at G4Ed is for more game reviews. The problem that raises is how. Who is going to review the games? Karen is doing a fantastic job, but she can only do one a month. I’d love to have teachers send in game reviews (email me!), but since those haven’t been rolling in, where else can we turn? We can’t ask game companies to review their own games. That would be crazy. Who’s left? Retailers.

Why Join?

Why create a login for I’m glad you asked! Currently, the biggest reason is so you can post in our forums. There you can ask questions, post your success stories, and just chat with other teachers. You’ll also be able to rate the articles, and that’s always fun. Whatever comes in the future, I…

About us

Games for Educators is a joint venture between the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and Live Oak Games. It supported by the Games in Education newsletter. Our staff includes: Editor and Web Guy: Patrick Matthews Editor and Producer: Mary Couzin Featured Columnists: Karen Luciana Giles Pritchard (also runs audio interviews!) Catherine Thomson Graeme Thomson Nate Scheidler…

Our Mission

What’s the big deal about games in education? One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that the brain is like a muscle. The more it exercises, the more it can do. In fact, in this study, researchers found that playing board games twice a week increased the brain speed scores of elementary…