Games in Schools and Libraries

Join Giles Pritchard and Donald Dennis as they discuss games and how they can be used in schools and libraries. To join the discussions, either leave a comment or go to our forums.
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GSL Episode 18: Geography

In this episode Giles and Don discuss games and geography, from maps and keys to geopolitics and topography. In this episode we talk about – Minecraft, Carcassonne, Memoir 44, Mondo, Tobago, Taluva, Settlers of Catan, Diplomacy, The 10 Days series, train games, TransAmerica, crayon rail games, Empire Builder, the Ticket to Ride series, Pandemic, National Geographic Expedition, the Test of Fire series, Conquest of Pangea, Bios Megafauna, Origins How we Became Human, Fauna, MMORPGs, iPod apps, flash games, trivia games, Google Street View, and Google SketchUp.

GSL Episode 16: Games And Art

In this episode Giles and Don discuss games and art. Games that can be used to stimulate discussion on art, games that use art to evoke a theme, and games that involve the players creating art.

In this episode we talk about – Dixit, Middle Earth The Collectible Card Game, CCGs, Civilisation World, Puzzles, Pastiche, Fresco, Sienna, The Road to Canterbury, Telestrations, Pictionary, Draw Something, Cluzzle, Monster Squash, Clayarama, as well as table top miniatures such as DBA, Song of Blades and Heroes, Blood Bowl and others.

As promised this link leads to Dons wonderful selection of Draw Something images