Games in Schools and Libraries

Join Giles Pritchard and Donald Dennis as they discuss games and how they can be used in schools and libraries. To join the discussions, either leave a comment or go to our forums.
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GSL Episode 27: ALA Event and Interview

In this episode, Giles and Don are joined by Brian Mayer. They talk about the American Library Association Convention, and particularly the play event. They also cover games in libraries, learning experiences, game design contests, and making games a more natural part of a game program.

We also spend some time talking about a new game Brian has designed, which can be found currently on Kickstarter, and is called Freedom The Underground Railroad.

GSL Episode 26: Strangely Dextrous

Welcome to episode 26 of Games in Schools and Libraries. In this episode, Giles and Don round out their series on dexterity games with a look at the weird and wonderful games that fit this genre, as well as a range of digital games as well. Some of the games we cover include Ingress, Loopin Louie, Rattle Snake, Polarity, Dart Wars, MicroMutants, Hamsterrolle, Battlegrounds Crossbows and Catapults, Angry Birds, Knock your Blocks Off, Dancing Eggs, Pogs, The Black Pirate, Siege Craft, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, 2BitBob, Disc Drivin, App Shopper, Rejoin, Tiny Wings and Space Team. We hope you enjoy!

GSL Episode 25: Flicking

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Dexterity Games. In this episode of Games and Schools and Libraries Giles and Don talk about games that involve pitching, throwing, and flicking. Some of the games we discuss are Horse Shoes, Corn Hole, Toss a Cross, Disc Golf, Klop or Mollky, Kubb, Boules or Bocche, Darts, Air Hockey, Foosball, Carrom, Crokinole, Sorry Sliders, Flicochet, Pitchcar, Bisikle or Roadzters, Catacombs, Dungeon Fighter, Hula Hippos, Tumblin Dice, Knights of Crylail, and Ascending Empires. We hope you enjoy.

GSL Episode 24: Stacking

Welcome to episode 24 of Games in Schools and Libraries. This is part 1 of our 3 part series on Dexterity games. In this episode we focus on stacking games, what are they, how to organise them and what are they good for. Some of the games we discuss include Ingress, Tier Auf Tier, Toc Toc Woodman, Gulo Gulo, Jenga, Pick up Sticks, Operation, Blockhead, Villa Paletti, Make N Break and Zitternix. We hope you enjoy.

GSL Episodes in May

The Games in Schools and Libraries podcast (GSL) is a podcast all about board, card and occasionally digital games, and the place they can find in a school or in the local library.  Hosts for the show are Giles Pritchard, a generalist primary school teacher from Shepparton, Australia, and Donald Dennis, a librarian with the Georgetown County Library System.

GSL Episode 23: Word Games

Welcome to Episode 23!  In this episode Giles and Don discuss word games, or rather, games to do with spelling, word association, sentence building, and generally playing with language. Some of the games we talk about are Word on the Street, Hangman, Scrabble, Upwords, Letter Roll, Boggle, Fauxcabulary, Bananagrams, PDQ, Upwords the card game, The Chain Game, Balderdash, You’ve Been Sentenced, Apples to Apples and Mad Libs. We hope you enjoy.

GSL Episode 22: Buying Games

Welcome to episode 22, buying games.  In this episode Giles and Don talk about building a game collection, as well as some of our experiences with buying games.  Topics covered include collection development policies, building breadth and depth in a collection, collecting with a purpose, factors that help define what to get, dealing with wear and tear, the Jones theory, keeping track of popular games, donations, community and government grants, raising money, using your own collection, finding specials and discounts and thrift stores.  We hope you enjoy the episode.

GSL Episode 21: Game Etiquette

Welcome to episode 21 of Games in Schools and Libraries. In this episode Giles and Don discuss Game Etiquette, from problems faced to some of the solutions that have worked, as well as the niceties of play. Topics include rules disputes, social conflict resolution, being a good sport, the responsibilities of players and above all respect. We hope you enjoy listening!

GSL Episode 20: Math Games

In this episode of Games in Schools and Libraries Giles and Don discuss games and math. How games can be used to support learning in math classes, whether as quick tasks to build fluency or as a vehicle to introduce a concept and more. Some of the games we talk about include – Incan Gold, Sleeping Queens, Piggy Back, Number Chase, Halli Galli, Yahtzee, Monopoly Junior, Combo King, Pickomino and Take it Easy. We also discuss the websites Khan Acedamy and Study Ladder.

GSL Episode 19: Interview with Brian Mayer

In this episode of Games in Schools and Libraries Giles and Don are joined on the microphone by Brian Mayer, to talk about the game programs he runs in schools and libraries in his district. Brian works with the American Library Association and supports learning through game based programs.

We discuss the role Brian fills, as well as a variety of topics such as supporting classes, teaching games, set up, curriculum ties, students with special needs, protocols and rules, social skills and the successes Brian has seen. Links to the work Brian has done:

  • and his game