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Game Design Contest

Have you seen the Game Design Contest that Marbles The Brain Store is having? $2,000 to the winner! Even better (from a classroom perspective), is that the games have to be based on one of four classic games (Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4, Checkers, Venetian Solitaire). Looking for an after-school activity? How about designing a game…

Map Design Contest: $10,000

Ticket to Ride is having a map design contest that might be an interesting project for a class. It’s only open to ages 18 and up, but I’d be willing to bet that the students would be able to convince their parents to enter their maps on their behalf. Even if you don’t enter any maps,…

Post a video, win cool stuff

This one doesn’t have anything to do with education, but it still looks like fun. The Strong Museum of Play is having a contest where you make a video about your memories of playing. Click here to find out more and good luck with your video!

Young Inventors in the Classroom

Young Inventors in the Classroomby Gina Manola, Owner, CALICO Ann Quackenbush is a founding member and upper elementary teacher at Next Generation Primary and Middle School, a private school in Champaign, Illinois. Prior to that she worked in Champaign public schools for several years as a fourth and fifth grade teacher. Ann Quackenbush play-testing games…

Losing Creativity?

Here’s a scary one. According to testing, American kids are being less and less creative. Click here to read all about it. There are tons of great games out there that nurture creativity. We’ll write an article about it in next month’s newsletter.

Games in Education Conference

Have you signed up for the Games in Education Conference November 20th we’re sponsoring with Learning Resources? It’s going to be at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair where educators are friends and guests; and, based on past years, will be something you don’t want to miss. Seats are limited, so don’t delay!