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Is it educational? Fun? Easy to play? Here’s where you can find informed game reviews from an educator’s perspective!

Game Review: Snake Oil

Back when I was in school we had to take “Speech” class or “Forensics” (and I do not mean interesting science-y kind that you see on TV shows like CSI or Bones, no speaking kind).  I wasn’t a big fan of either of these classes.  Giving speeches was horrible but listening to my classmates wasn’t…

ToyFair 2013

At ToyFair this year, I worked hard to move out of my own comfort zone, to look at toys as well as games. As a result, I saw lots of products that I might not otherwise have seen. I also saw a ton of bows and crossbows. It seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was shooting something. I’m sure there’s some kind of educational value there, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I’ll let you track down your own favorite way to release your inner Katniss.{jcomments on}

Game Review: Don’t Rock the Boat

by Terrie Anderson Here’s an update on a classic, without bells, whistles or electronic anything. Don’t Rock the Boat has been reintroduced by Patch Products with pirate penguins.  It’s a fun new take on a classic game that kids of all ages will enjoy while they hone the social skills of game play and practice…

Summer Brains 2012

Summer Brains

Disney’s Phineus and Ferb said it best:

There’s 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it!

It’s not just an annual problem for the kids, either, but also for the parents. How can you find something that will keep your kids’ brains humming through the summer? You need something fun, something the kids will want to do – maybe even something they’ll want to do with you.

The Games of ChiTAG 2011

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair was really jumping this year. The exhibit space was the same size as last year, but it was more crowded with exhibitors, and absolutely packed with people. During my walk-through to check out the fair, I had several moments where I found myself in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd. Kids were absolutely everywhere, playing, building, laughing, driving… And I saw more than a couple adults standing back and watching, wearing that fondly exhausted expression that all parents know.