Game Reviews

Is it educational? Fun? Easy to play? Here’s where you can find informed game reviews from an educator’s perspective!

Game Review: Timeline

In school students take history, math, art and science – but how much do they understand the intertwined timelines these subjects have?  Do you they know when the typewriter was invented in comparison to the first publishing of the Lord of the Rings?  Or what about when the development of the Pythagorean theorem in relation to the building of the Eiffel Tower?  And where in all this was the telephone invented?!

Game Review: Block Builders

As a child I spend hours playing with tangrams and pentominoes.  I would complete puzzle after puzzle, finding the right way to configure the pieces to create a specific outline.  I loved it!  When I came across Block Builders, from Fat Brain Toys, it immediately brought out my inner child and I had to play.

Game Review: RingStix

Our family recently received a RingStix Lite game for review. We headed over to our local park to enjoy a little RingStix action. The game is recommended for ages 6-96 (smile) and we found out quickly, smaller hands have a tough time using the sticks. The game is great fun for older children, teens, and…

Game Review: American Trivia

When I first cracked my copy of American Trivia I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  A game called “American Trivia” could cover a HUGE variety of topics including some that are beyond dull.  But Outset Media did a pretty good job of mixing up geography, history, “general questions” and the arts to keep things interesting.{jcomments on}

Game Review: Chain Letters

Remember the first time you played with Barrel of Monkeys and how you just HAD to try to link them all?  Well Patch Products’s new game Chain Letters took the idea of linking tiles (like Barrel of Monkeys) and turned it into a spelling game!  The rules aren’t that complex so they can easily be adapted to almost any grade level. 

Game Review: Flip 2B Fit

Flip 2B Fit is a board game themed around the idea of exercise. Players race to get to the center of the board, completing challenges to move forward. On your turn, you spin the spinner to see what sort of challenge you’re going to get (Cardio, Yoga, Stretching, or Strength) and then draw a card…