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Is it educational? Fun? Easy to play? Here’s where you can find informed game reviews from an educator’s perspective!

Game Review: Riddle Cube

Do you remember Tangrams, where you made shapes out of other shapes? I used to love that game. My fifth grade science teacher always kept a set in her classroom, and my friends and I were constantly challenging each other. Riddle Cube is kind of like a 3-D version of that, taken to the next level. Instead of having…

Product Review: Night Zookeeper

Rising EdTech Platform Combines Gaming and Technology to Encourage Literacy In YouthOver the last year, a new web platform called Night Zookeeper has helped over 100,000 students develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills. Night Zookeeper team’s World Creative Writing Month initiative generated over 1 million words of original content written by kids in 131 countries. Developed by former school…


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and the idea is to integrate these disciplines because they are so closely intertwined. Instead of having classes that are isolated from each other, lessons are taught that complement each other. Engineering problems show up in math lessons, for example. STEM toys, as you might imagine, are growing…

Game Review: Quadrillion

Smart Games put some smart thinking into this solo-player puzzle!

When I was a kid, my math teacher mother prepared for summer by buying math workbooks for us kids. Despite the stickers and cute illustrations, it just felt like more homework.  During the school year there’s a lot of learning to be done; teachers have topics they must cover and criteria they need to meet, and it’s impossible to make every topic enjoyable.  But summer is different.  I believe summer learning should be fun. 

Game Review: Robbin’ Eggs

Who Knew Adding Negatives Could Be So Fun?

There are games about adding and there are games about subtracting, but there aren’t many about adding positive and negative numbers.  Negative numbers just don’t seem that popular in children’s games.  Even the game SORRY! includes a card that requires you to move 4 spaces backwards instead of asking you to move “negative four” spaces.  So when it comes to learning negative numbers there aren’t too many games to choose from, but there’s one standout from Haywire group called Robbin’ Eggs! 

Toy Fair 2014

Every year in February, usually near Valentine’s day, the toy and game industries gather at the Javitz convention center in New York for a huge tradeshow called Toy Fair. It’s a trade-only madhouse of an event, where publishers sell their new and upcoming products to retailers and inventers sell their new designs to publishers.