Free Games

Free games you can print and play in your classroom or home. Enjoy!

Say the Word!

Here’s a fun free game that fits in around the edges of your normal life. You don’t sit down to play this game, but rather play it as you go through your day. It gives everyone another layer of interaction, and can turn dull moments into hilarious ones. It’s perfect for vacations or lazy summer days at home.

Just Enough: 3 Speaking Games

Just Enough: 3 Speaking Gamesby Catherine Thomson We live in a world of “elevator pitches”, where, regardless of whether you are physically going up or down, your fortunes rise or fall on your ability to deliver your core message with blinding clarity in 60 seconds or less.  To rule in the realm of effective communication…

Throwing Fingers: Odd & Even

Throwing Fingers: Odd & Evenby Patrick Matthews Here’s a quick and easy game that I introduced to a class of second-graders to help them remember odd and even. I showed them how to play during class, but the strength of the game is that it persisted beyond class, and ended up getting played both at…