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3 Free Storytelling Games

by Anna Van Slee

Imbuing games with educational value while keeping them entertaining is no easy task. Fortunately, there is storytelling, e.g. movies, cartoons, books, webisodes, ebooks, web sites, apps, etc. Most of the entertainment that kids imbibe comes in the form of storytelling.{jcomments on}

Emergent Literacy Games

We know from research that language development is enhanced through storytelling. We also know that language development is one of the key factors involved in a child’s reading and writing success. A language-rich home is a gift, indeed!{jcomments on}

Blow Blocks

Blow Blocks This game idea came in via email from a Ivan Cashe. You can see it on his web site, right here: Setup Setting up the game starts with making paper boxes. You can get a template for them on the web site above. Or, just turn this part of the game into…


The other day, my ten-year old introduced me to a game that has been sweeping his school. It’s called Sticks. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s a great little head-scratcher. Sticks is a 2-player game. It starts with each player holding out their hands, one finger extended on each hand. The way…

Sparkle Bang

This is a game that my fourth grader has been playing at school this year. From what I understand, they play it a little bit differently from the way they’re “supposed” to, but we’ve been enoying this variant, and I think it’ll work great either in small groups or as a family game. I don’t…

Make your own stick word game

There are so many wonderful games on the market that encourage reading and writing. When I think back on my tween/teen years I recall playing games like Monopoly (reading the cards if we landed on a space that required a card pick-up), Clue (reading the clue cards), LIFE (reading the cards), Scrabble (spelling), Boggle (spelling) and others.