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Learning Personalities through Play

As teachers, knowing the personalities of our students strengthens our ability to deliver a better learning environment.  Engaging children in game play can give quick insight into these personality traits. There are personality quizzes out there, but spending time around a game, engaged in play, is a great alternative way for this insight. You might even get to know yourself more, too!

A Game about Gang Culture

14 year-old Osmond Gordon-Vernon created a board game, Life is What U Make It, designed to educate people about the pitfalls of gang life and what it’s like to grow up in his area. He wanted to show kids and locals that ‘living on the right side of the law is the better option.’ Click…

Helping Parents Add Play to their Children’s Lives

By Meryl Neiman

I’m thrilled to be writing my first article for Games for Educators. As readers of this newsletter, you already understand what many unfortunately don’t: that play is integral to every aspect of a child’s healthy development. I speak and write about returning unstructured play to kids because until relatively recently, like most other parents, I truly didn’t get it.

Number Games and Math Skills

The headline of this article is “Number Games Could Improve Math Skills” and it looks at research that found that kids who thought about numbers and quantities performed better when doing math. They don’t know if there’s a long-term bump in math skills, but the connection to games that involve numbers is obvious. Time to…