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Playing Games in Classroom Helping Pupils Grasp Math

There’s an interesting article in Education Week about games strengthening Math Skills. Here’s the link (Note: reading the whole article requires a subscription to Education Week). Here’s an excerpt: “Now, a growing body of research is revealing the potential benefits of using board games in the classroom to strengthen the mathematics skills of children, particularly those…

Remembering Fun

I have a student teacher.  Last week while planning his lessons, he decided that he really needed to engage the students in order to heighten their excitement and attitude toward his learning goals.  And what did he create? A game. And why? Because playing games is fun.  When we are having fun, we tend to…

Organizing a Game Day

I would like to share with you how I organize a Game Day at my school. I love planning my annual Game Day, because it is an activity that involves all the grade levels and promotes interaction among them. I begin by giving each of my students a game to take home. I instruct them…

Games + Math = Learning

Some teachers in Carroll County displayed some real creative brilliance, incorporating games into their classroom. Click here to read all about it. Talk about a great idea! Their “Math Around the World Day” combined learning about different cultures with building math skills – and the kids had a great time doing it. What a fantastic idea!