The Dicetower

The Dicetower at is a popular podcast that deals mainly with board and card games.  Tom Vasel is a teacher and often talks about his experiences in his ‘Musings on’ series of informal audio blogs also found through The Dicetower feed.   Cheers, Giles.

Interview with Mary!

Those crazy folks over at Games in Libraries just interviewed our very own Mary Couzin. Click here for more information about the podcast or just click here to listen to the whole thing! (Note: there is more on the podcast than just the interview with Mary)

Interview with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel is one of the premiere game reviewers online. Giles interviewed him about how games and education. Tom’s discussion of using games not only as a teaching tool, but also as a secondary teaching device is fantastic, and his descriptions of how he alters games for classroom use is invaluable. Check it out!

After you click, be patient. It takes a little bit for the audio to load.