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Businesses in Scandinavia are turning to board games to give themselves a competitive advantage. Click here to read more!

Why Play?

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.” ― Jean Piaget

At a recent toy show in Chicago, I had the opportunity to meet with many educators to discuss games and play in general. What was exciting to hear was that a local school district had recently removed an hour of computers and replaced the time slot with PLAY. Why has play become such a hot topic? Does play offer our children something they can only gain from experiential play? The importance of play in children’s lives is well documented. As children grow and change, play develops with them according to a developmental sequence.


Springfield’s Parents as Teachers program is teaching parents games and activities for them to become better educators.

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Check out these incredibly imaginative playgrounds. They sure are a long way from the hollow metal tubes that I used to play on…
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We all have our favourite board games. Kurt Heinrich, with, takes a look at how some of these games can have a powerful impact on your career. For example, while almost all board games involve chance, many also require professional skills such as negotiation, wordplay, strategy, communication, or tolerance for risk.

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Tips for Young Game Inventors

This summer, we had a chance to catch up with Bruce Lund of Lund & Company, who has been dreaming up hundreds of new inventions every year for over three decades. Bruce tells us how he first got started, shares tales of success (and one royal mess), and outlines 4 qualities every great toy inventor…