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November Newsletter: We’re back!

November, 2014 Feature Articles 8th Annual Young Inventor Challenge by Julie Blake This year’s Young Inventor Challenge promises to be the best one yet, with Spin Master lined up to deliver a live toy invention challenge and prizes that will surely be on the top of every Christmas wish list. Read More! The Most Important…


Check out these incredibly imaginative playgrounds. They sure are a long way from the hollow metal tubes that I used to play on…
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We all have our favourite board games. Kurt Heinrich, with, takes a look at how some of these games can have a powerful impact on your career. For example, while almost all board games involve chance, many also require professional skills such as negotiation, wordplay, strategy, communication, or tolerance for risk.

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A scholar transforms his Latin grammar course into a gamer’s delight and wins accolades for innovative teaching.
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We’re Back

After months of being offline, Games for Educators is finally back… and it’s bigger and better than ever! Our new web site not only has better support for images, but it also is fully responsive, which means it looks as good on tablets and phones as it does on computers. Also, and this is a big bonus, it…

Preparing for Summer

I’ve always enjoyed games. At first, it was games like Cribbage and Backgammon and Checkers. Chess came into the picture fairly quickly, and then I dove headlong into the world of hobby games. By the time I was a teenager, I was used to playing games that took several hours to complete.