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Newsletter: Spring has sprung!

Newsletter #74: Spring has Sprung!
After an extended absence caused by technical problems, the newsletter is finally back. For us, it is very much like spring: a new beginning after a difficult season. Celebrate with us by checking out our fantastic articles. Thanks for all you do as educators and parents, and thanks for caring enough to bring fun into your students’ lives!

10 Games that help boost memory

NewsMax just ran an article on ten games that help improve memory. They’re fun and mostly free, and a great reminder that educational games aren’t just for kids. They help us stay sharp throughout our lives. Here’s the link.

[Editor’s Note: There’s a great memory game that NewsMax apparently missed, written by yours truly and published by ThinkFun: Distraction]

Laddering up with play

Which comes first, interest or expertise? Is a Scrabble player good at spelling because she plays Scrabble, or is she good at playing Scrabble because she’s good at spelling? The truth is it doesn’t matter. There’s crazy power in the relationship between interest and expertise, and it’s time we started taking advantage of it.


Springfield’s Parents as Teachers program is teaching parents games and activities for them to become better educators.

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