Benefits of Toddler Play

ThinkFun posted an article in their Education Blog about the Benefits of Toddler Play, including a cool little chart showing their “Top 10 Benefits of Play, Toddler Edition.” Check it out at:

Product Review: Night Zookeeper

Rising EdTech Platform Combines Gaming and Technology to Encourage Literacy In YouthOver the last year, a new web platform called Night Zookeeper has helped over 100,000 students develop their writing, reading and creative thinking skills. Night Zookeeper team’s World Creative Writing Month initiative generated over 1 million words of original content written by kids in 131 countries. Developed by former school…


Many mathematical and problem-solving skills go hand-in-hand with card playing. Arlene Harris talks to the experts about Snap, Gin Rummy and some other old favorites. Click here to read more!